Thursday, May 17, 2012

News Filter: 38 Studios Facing Difficulties

  • This one goes out to Dan Stapleton. Suck it, old man.

  • This is never a fun topic. I usually like writing about how great games are (and sometime how bad they are). But here we are, standing in a field of crushed dreams, like shards of glass, spread all around us.

  • 38 Studios had a meeting yesterday with the governor of Rhode Island regarding their inability to make a payment on their loan. Today, they were forced to layoff a some employees and skip their payroll to make the required payment.

  • There is no room for schadenfreude here. We might not know how progressive or regressive they intended the game. All we know is that Project Copernicus is in jeopardy and I'm bummed out about that.

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  1. Wow, poor Dan. I saw today that Curt Shilling has been removed from the website for 38 Studios, guess he doesn't want to be apart of the sinking ship.

    It's really unfortunate because Kingdoms of Amalur iactuallyly a good game.

    1. I really need to pick that game up. Hopefully the price has come down, but I did enjoy the demo enough to try.

  2. It's a bad situation for everyone involved from the tax payers to the employees. Hearing that Curt's name has been removed from the website is troubling though. I really hope he doesn't pull a McQuaid and leave someone else to handle the tough parts, it's his company he needs to stick around.

    1. I suspect that he's man enough to go down with the ship. I just hope that he doesn't have to.


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