Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Random Shots: While The Cat's Away

  • I see no one tracked mud in the house while I was away. Though next time you should clean up the empties if you're going to throw a party. I'm back for the time being and I have a few things to get caught up on.

  • First of all, I'm pissed off at someone. Sorry for the strong language as I'm sure the person I'm mad at doesn't even read this blog. But if, in some cosmic joke, the arsonist who started the wildfire in the Griffith Park is reading this, I have a question for you. "Why did you make them preempt Veronica Mars? Couldn't you have waited until, say, Friday when people aren't watching TV anyway? Ass." I'm really annoyed.

  • I've been spending a ludicrous amount of time playing World of Warcraft as of late. I'm sure that what you all assumed I was doing. I hit level 58 last week and headed to Outland, which is the expansion zone. It's just as amazing as everyone says it is. And thus, no blogging. Mea culpa.

  • My desire to read dropped to nil after finishing that Michael Connelly book. It's not that the book put me off reading, it just that I can't read three series books in a row without the third book coming off badly. The problem is that I'm not sure what I should slot in between Michael Connellys. Maybe this? Or this? Any ideas?

  • My lovely wife was gifted with a pair of tickets to see the Los Angeles Galaxy match this weekend. Never seen an MLS game, live or on TV. I enjoy soccer, so I'm expecting to have a good time.