Thursday, January 3, 2008

Read Lately: My Boring-Ass Life by Kevin Smith

  • I love my wife. I'm pretty sure she loves me too or I wouldn't come home to find books like this waiting on my desk for me. Especially since it was a book almost perfectly formed for my tastes and yet never once was I aware of its existence.

  • My Boring-Ass Life is one of those books that I can't even tell if it is good or not when it shows up like this. I read it, I enjoyed it a lot, but I have no idea if I can recommend it. You like Kevin Smith? You'll probably like this book. Did the donkey-show scene in Clerks 2 turn your stomach? Then you might want to stay away.

  • One thing I wanted to comment on the great arc this diary took. It starts as a day-to-day look at what Smith is doing with his life, as he moves from project to project, filming Catch And Release and directing Clerks 2, then finally to his acting role in Live Free Or Die Hard. And for what started as an online diary ends up as an interesting narrative of personal and professional growth. He calls the book My Boring-Ass Life, but by the end you come to understand that all those boring moments add up to something good.

  • Also, read the index. It is hilarious, in a Kevin Smith way.

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