Tuesday, October 14, 2008

News Filter: Bloggers Lose Their Cool Over Blizzard Making Money

  • Thank goodness for Blizzard because the MMO blogging illuminati have been way too civil lately. Syncaine (of Hardcore Casual) and Keen (of Keen and Graev) have decided to lay into the company for their intention to open some form of microtransactions in World of Warcraft. As this announcement falls hard of the heels of for-pay downloadable content for Diablo III and the trifurcating of Starcraft II, you'd think the effing sky was falling and Blizzard was going to mop it up with piles of cash.
  • First, can we please get over blaming Activision for everything that Blizzard decides? Mike Morhaime is a big boy; he can take it. Also, people have been complaining about their decisions since before Activision came into the picture. It's not like Blizzard has gone all Edward Hyde on us.
  • Second, you people don't even know what you're talking about. I know irrational ranting is the foundation our community is based on, but this is downright strange. If Blizzard does end up selling gear or attunements or anything outside of cosmetic changes, go ahead and turn on the flamethrowers. If they decide to offer the equivalent of horse armor in Diablo, blast away. If Blizzard delivers any less than than three full games of content of Starcraft, you might have something to complain about. Until then you all look just a little silly.
  • Third, thanks for giving me an easy blog topic today. Ranting about ranters ranting is about as Ouroboros as you can get, but what can you do. That tail is yummy.
  • If anyone wants a real rant, go check out Scott "Lum the Mad" Jennings's posts about Warhammer, both the good and the bad. The man is an OG of MMO ranting and he knows how to do it right.


  1. The problem with bitching about something once it actually happens, is that by then it's old news :)

    And for a bit of perspective, I recommend looking up the wtfman.com archives during Lum's 'prime'. In many circles, his site was used more as a joke than a serious commentary of UO.

    Two sides to every coin :)

  2. Damn you, Syncaine! I can't get a good rant off if you are going to confound me with logic!

    It's true, the business of game rants hasn't changed much since the days of UO. I used to read the sites for entertainment purposed long before I played any MMOs. All of the passion they obviously had is what got me to try them in the first place.