Friday, April 24, 2009

Played Lately: World of Warcraft

  • As any good World of Warcraft player knows, Blizzard recently dropped patch 3.1 on a very expectant game community. After the patch came out, I was unable to play WoW for a few days since there were some kinks that needed to be worked out. Now that things have calmed down a little, I've poked my head into the game to see what has changed. Green Armadillo already has a good post about the new Argent Tournament quests over at Player Versus Developer, but that can't stop me from tossing my thoughts around.

  • Since I have very little chance of ever seeing Ulduar, I haven't given that rather massive part of the patch much thought. Instead, Blizzard gave us solo players the Argent Tournament. Along the northern coast of Icecrown, the Argent Crusade has set up a tournament to rouse all the world's would-be champions before the final battle with Arthas. What this means for us is new daily quests and lots of nice rewards. It reminds me of the patch 2.4 update. Unfortunately, this initial set of dailies resemble the Shattrath quests that sent you to the far reaches of Outland instead of the far more condensed Isle of Quel'Danas. I'm hoping as things open up, we see more Quel'Danas style quests, but I'm not that far into this event.

  • By that, I mean I've just collected the 15 Aspirant's Seals needed to move onto the Valiant level. From there, I'll have to move to Champion level, but that still several days away. Likely there is a lot more I haven't seen yet. So far I've been enjoying the quests. And I like the potential rewards, though I have a long way to go before that beloved Enchanted Broom will be mine.

  • With just a few days played, I am declaring the Argent Tournament a success. I love the look of the place and all the resources set around the tournament grounds. Mostly though, I look forward to seeing how it expands over time.

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