Friday, May 14, 2010

Played Lately: Age of Conan

  • The votes are in and, as you can see from the title, I'm returning to Age of Conan. Between the Rise of the Godslayer expansion and the come hither stare from MMOGamerchick's Priest of Mitra, I was leaning that direction. And since the game is already installed and patched up, it makes the choice that much easier.

  • In light of my impending return to the Hyborean age, I will be starting a new character, either on the Set or Wiccana servers. (Let me know where you all are!) And most likely I will play a spellcaster type like the Priest of Mitra or Herald of Xotli. I enjoy my Ranger (currently level 31, the game tells me), but I'm eager to try something else.

  • So keep a look out here for my adventures in Tortage and beyond. I'll try to have something up at least weekly to inform you about my progress.

  • For those of you who are curious where the votes fell:

    1. Age of Conan: 2 5/6 votes

    2. Allods Online: 2 1/2 votes

    3. World of Warcraft and Guild Wars: 1/3 votes each

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  1. Darn the GeCe! She got to you too. :)

    I'm back in the Hyborean Age myself, on the Wiccana server as a Cimmerian ranger named Brynulf.

  2. Aha, so my PoM's hungry eyes managed to snag another one! I'm telling you, she's out of control, that one.

    And I'm on Wiccana as well. I'm liking my new character, but going to Khitan with my other characters have not panned out very well as it is still very buggy.

  3. I have been playing on Set, but I have no problem with starting new on Wiccana. I would love to have some others to play and group with.

    The Demonologist and Necromancer are more of a spell caster than the HoX. The HoX uses two handed weapons and breaths fire, that's about it. It is a fun class but it is not a pure spell casting class, just a FYI.

  4. @ Blue Kae - Looks like I'm heading to Wiccana myself. I'll be sure to look you up.

    @ MMOGamerChick - I have to admit, your adventures made me want to roll a PoM of my own. Hopefully the bug will get worked out by the time I'm ready to leave Tortage.

    @ Jayedub - Thanks for the head's up. I might have been very surprised if I rolled a HoX. :) It turns out my Ranger is on Set so I may have to say hello to you there as well.