Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Played Lately: Champions Online

  • Last week was the one year anniversary for Champions Online. Cryptic celebrated by throwing a party right in the middle of the newly redesigned Renaissance Center. It all started with a huge cake.

  • That's Arcfire in the foreground modeling her new costume. This is a lot closer to what I was hoping for when I first started playing a year ago. Huh. Even with that big damn cake in the background, it's a little hard to believe the game has been out a full year. There was a perk for blowing out the candle on top of the cake, as well as one for collecting anniversary gifts and one for throwing anniversary water balloons at other heroes. Hooray for silly fun achievements.

  • I love the new costume options. I didn't buy anything from the C-Store during the anniversay sale, but that doesn't mean I won't buy anything in the future. The option to model C-Store costumes in the tailor is a genius move. I'd me more likely to buy a set when I see how it fits on my character.

  • All around Ren Center, the floating billboards were changed to anniversary messages. I flew around to take screenshots of them all, as if I didn't want to forget them. But for your sake, I will only subject you to one.

  • On Monday, the last day of the celebration, Doctor Destroyer robot army invaded Millennium City again, recalling the prelaunch party from last year. The enemy forces were much larger this time around, but then everyone had a much great handle on how to play their characters. Funny thing, I helped fight off the waves of enemies long after I had earned all of the available perks. I was having so much fun playing with all of the heroes around me. I didn't chat with anyone and I didn't group up, but there was something cool about a bunch of people all working toward a goal, even if there wasn't an epic drop at the end.

  • Of course, that's all over now. If you feel left out, why don't you hop in-game and see the sights for yourself? Have fun wherever your adventures take you.

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  1. Love the new costume, didn't realize it was so different until I saw the bottoms. That's hot (heh)!

  2. Nice screenies, sounds like fun :-)

  3. @ MMOGC - I think it's time for me to review all of my costumes. Thanks for the idea! :)

    @ Yeebo - It was fun, surprisingly. I'm glad I have the lifetime sub so that I can drop in and out of that game when I feel like it.

  4. The event was fun, especially since I was 40 this time rather than 15 or whatever I was at the end of beta.

    So you're going to do a fashion show post with all your current costumes?

  5. @ Blue Kae - Being at the right level does help. :)

    Actually, that sounds like a great idea for a post. I do have five different costumes now, so it feels like the right time.