Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Listened Lately: Shut Up We're Talking #76

  • The time has finally come for one of my favorite podcasts to wind down. Shut Up We're Talking has come to an end with its seventy-sixth episode. It has been a great run, but Darren decided to hang up his microphone and move on to new goals.

  • The latest episode gathers a number of previous guests to send off the show in grand fashion. It is a bit chaotic, but it sounds like friends having a party more than anything else. There are times where everyone is trying to take part in the coversation, times when things quiet down, and times when talk turns weirdly serious. And most of all it was fun.

  • I don't remember when I started listening to SUWT or what caused me to give it a try. But I do remember feeling like the podcast was a kind of community gathering point. By bringing on bloggers to talking about the issues of the day, it was a great way to get a variety of opinions and discover new people to follow. It was also a great way to argue with people. If you look at my Listened Lately posts, you'll see that seven out of the ten are about SUWT. It was one of those (the one about episode 47) that got me a Blog of the Week mention and eventually a guest spot on the show. I felt like I was finally part of the community once I was on the show.

  • So thank you to Darren, Karen, and everyone else who participated and made SUWT such a great part of the conversation. It will be missed.

  • It's times like this that make me think I need to start a podcast of my own.

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  1. Maybe we should talk about that last.

  2. It's sad to see one of the better general MMO podcasts come to an end. I enjoyed the bonus debate on whether SWTOR is doomed to failure at the end quite a bit.

  3. @ Ardwulf - Hmmm....

    @ Yeebo - It was pretty awesome that a serious discussion broke out at the end. You can't get a bunch of smart, opinionated people all in one place and not expect them to debate.