Monday, May 9, 2011

Random Shots: Chaos

  • It has been about a week since my family packed up and moved to a new house. Just Monday we resumed internet service and the most that I've done with it is to make sure my virus definitions are up to date. There is too much going on and not enough time. So I'm exhausted, distracted, and I don't have the time to fire up a game. Things are slowly coming together, though. Life feels a little more normal, even with all of the changes we've been facing. We finally bought a new TV and are having it installed today. All that said, there are a few things I'm looking forward to.

  • Rift - It has been too long since I've played Rift. There is the new event going on and I'm afraid that I'm going to miss it entirely. Even if I do miss one event, there is still so much game ahead of me that I don't lacking in content. I'm not sure if the 3-month sub was the right option for me anymore, but I do appreciate that the game will be there when I come back. But I'll probably go a month at a time from here on out.

  • Dragon Age 2 - A few weeks back I picked up the 360 version of DA2 for the grand price of $20. But without a proper television to play it on, it has languished on the To Be Played pile. Hopefully now that we are returning to the twenty-first century monitor-wise, I'll be able to see what Jayedub likes about it so much.

  • LA Noire - Of all the games on this list, this is the one to which I am most looking forward. As a huge Raymond Chandler fan, getting to walk around that world and solve crime is my holy grail. I have watched all of the videos, read all the articles, and preordered from GameStop so that I can get the additional case. All this anticipation could be setting me up for a huge let down, but I think this game will turn out all right. I can't wait to give it a try.

  • Duke Nukem Forever - I know. I mean I really know. As a modern, mature human being, I should be shocked and offended that this game even exists. Screw that. I just want to shoot dudes in the old school way. I loved Duke Nukem 3D back when it first came out and I want to see what they've been wasting their time on all these years. And I plan on having fun doing it.

  • World of Warcraft - I just got a email from Blizzard offering me seven days of game time to see what's new in WoW. I'm thinking about taking them up on the offer. I even reinstalled the game, even though I didn't redeem the trial. I don't know how long I will stay. I may not even play the entire seven days. But I'm interested enough to dust off my mage and take a longer look at Cataclysm.

  • I'm sure there are other games to play, but that's all the typing I can do for now. I hope all is well with you and yours.


  1. It's just a mini-event happening in Rift with a bunch of run of the mill dailies that rewards artifacts and crafting currency, no biggie! You're not missing much. Check sometime after today though, it's patch day and the good stuff like appearance slots and crafting rifts will go live.

    And nice, $20 for DA2? Was there a sale somewhere? I'm keeping my eye out for my friend who wants to play it on the 360, but is waiting until the prices are cheaper.

  2. I really enjoyed Duke Nukem, more for the clever mechanics than for the somewhat puerile humor. Believe it or not, I played it not on the PC but the Nintendo 64. I thought it was awesome that so many things that would be background in other games actually worked. For example the fact that you could knock the balls around on a pool table. The puzzles involving the shrink ray were also really clever. I always thought it odd that no-one else ever followed up on that basic design.

    Hopefully the designers get that what made Duke Nukem cool in it's day wasn't bewbies but clever mechanics. We'll know pretty soon I guess.

  3. Don't listen to GC, this event is the best thing ever! You gotta come back right now!

    Or not. ;o) It's fun, but you're not missing anything. I hope things settle down for you a bit soon now that the move is over.

  4. @ MMOGC - Rewarding artifacts? No biggie?!? :)

    DA2 was $20 because of a sale and a gift certificate I had. All the same, that's all I was willing to pay for it.

    @ Yeebo - That is what everyone forgets about the game. I loved the one level where you demolish a building and then fight your way through the wreckage. All of the interactivity is what I really want from the game.

    @ Blue Kae - Jerk! :)

  5. Did you happen to buy DA2 on the PC or Xbox? I would be ok with the console version if it had one thing the PC has: auto-attack. I played the demo on the Xbox several times and not having auto-attack was problematic for me.

    Other than that the game is awesome!!!!!

  6. @ Jayedub - Picked it up for the 360 specifically since I didn't want to play it as a tactical game. I turned it down to casual and I'm button mashing my way through fights. Works for me. :)