Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Played Lately: Torchlight

  • Even with all of the new titles available (LA Noire, Duke Nukem Forever) as well as the old standbys (World of Warcraft, Champions Online), I have been spending most of my time playing Torchlight. I love the game so much that I've bought it a total of three times (one on PC, one on XBLA, and one as a gift). This last month, I dedicated what little gaming time I had to beating the game on my Xbox.

  • Where the PC version is an improved version of Diablo, the XBLA version feels more like Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance. And that's a good thing because (like Diablo style games) there hasn't been a good BGDA style game for years. In some ways I prefer it to the clickfest. Torchlight feels like it could have been designed for a console.

  • For my new character I decided to try something different and rolled a Vanquisher. That's a joke because I only ever play Vanquishers. I often tell myself that I want to play one of the other classes, but I always (three times now) roll a Vanquisher. I just love the shooty classes in Diablo-style games.

  • It only took a few weeks of intermittent play, but I eventually reached the lowest levels and defeated Ordrak (for a second time). My intention is to continue delving the Shadow Vault (the infinite dungeon that opens after the story is over) so that I can max my character and earn the final achievement. However work has intervened and I haven't been back to the game since. But when the sun goes down and everyone else is asleep, I can't help but think I could sneak in a little more dungeon delving.

  • Just because I'm having so much fun on the 360 does not mean that I'm skipping the PC release of Torchlight II. Nothing is coming between me and more Torchlight goodness.

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  1. I enjoyed Torchlight. I just found it to be a bit too repetative at times, but overall it's a pretty good game.

  2. Based entirely on this post, I checked it out on my 360. And I have to say, it rocks. Best console roguelike I have played since the Baldur's gate PS2 games.

    An aside:

    Not sure what Bioware was thinking by naming them after the Baldur's Gate PC games. BG was among the best PC RPGs of a generation. However, PS2 BG 1 and 2 had 0 connections to those games, save setting. They were solid roguelikes. I can't see why they would want to confuse consumers by linking them to PC games most of the console crowd had never heard of.

    With such astounding graphics (for the time), they could have called it "AD&D Lootfest: the Apocalypse" and I think folks would have still bought them.

    Edited when sober for clarity and content..

    Hope you are having a fun 4th!

  3. @ Jayedub - I get what you mean. It is pretty basic, but sometimes that's all I need to make me happy. :)

    @ Yeebo - I understand the edit, but it was pretty funny. :)

    We can't give Bioware too much crap, though. That branding decision was all Interplay. Bioware did not even develop it. That was Snowblind Studios and published by Interplay.

  4. I love the shootiness of my Alchemist-scientist-minion master-whatever-dude. I turn on the firehose of magic blastiness and send in the minions, chuckling all the way.

    I got a great deal out of the $5 I paid for the game.

  5. @ Tesh - And here I was thinking I'd try the Destroyer next. Maybe not. :)