Thursday, December 15, 2011

Random Shots: Dear SantaCorp

  • It has come to our attention that your company is taking proposals regarding the administation of gift assignments this year. We are aware that Bullet Points is a fiendishly difficult corporation when dealing in this field. As such, we have prepared this guide to assist with your preparations

    • Although our game playing has been severely curtailed this year, we will not be requesting a greater portion of time to do so. Instead, we request the wisdom to remember why we have chosen to spend our time free time with our family instead.

    • While we are thankful that so many are enjoying their time in Star Wars: The Old Republic, we request that they be mindful that they are still playing a Bioware game. Therefore we hope that they will be circumspect about posting spoilers, else we will find ourselves reading far fewer blogs in the coming months.

    • While we appreciate the effort that Hasbro has made in releasing its boardgames as apps for the Kindle Fire, we would be very grateful if other developers decided that it was worth their while. We are sure that involves the Kindle Fire actually becoming popular, so we are asking for a miracle here. But you didn't become SantaCorp by playing it safe now, did you?

    • Finally, with all of this years ups and downs, we hope that 2012 will be a happier and healthier year for everyone, family and friends, online and otherwise.

  • We hope that will ease your decision-making burden.

  • Sincerly,

    President & CEO
    Bullet Points

  • P.S. Can you do something about all of these blogging memes? They are driving us up the wall.

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  1. Heh, I was starting to think you were sitting this one out in protest :-)

  2. I knew it was coming and there was no other way around it, but still love how your letter to Santa Claus is also in bullet points! :P

  3. Mental note, come up with more memes. >:}

  4. @ Yeebo - I was slow. Very, very slow.

    @ MMOGC - You should expect nothing less!

    @ Blue Kae - Okay, now we can't be friends anymore. :)