Wednesday, February 22, 2012

News Filter: Guild Wars 2 Beta Signup

  • I am the very definition of "late to the party", so this news post is more a celebration than any attempt to spread information. But just in case the rock you've been living under is measured on a geologic scale, here it is:

  • ArenaNet announced signups for the Guild Wars 2 Beta today. And you have less than 48 hours to sign up. So stop reading this and go do that before time runs out.

  • Unfortunately, I'm stuck here and work so I haven't signed up yet. There is the 48 hour window. But what if I'm hit by a bus? What if I'm struck with amnesia? What if a magical vortex sucks me into another dimension?

  • Actually, that magical vortex thing could be cool depending on where I end up, but I'd still miss the beta. There is no excuse for that sort of thing, ArenaNet. If I end up fighting an evil overlord and freeing the oppressed peoples of some alternate earth in order to escape back to this world and I miss the signup, you can bet ArenaNet will be hearing from my currently imaginary lawyer.

  • Don't tempt fate, folks. Sign up now.

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  1. That actually was not on my radar at all, thanks for the heads up. If anything pulls me out of SWTOR in the near future it will be this.

    The system scanner also told me I have twice as much video RAM as I thought I did. That would explain why I've been getting consistently better performance in games that I would expect from my RIG...

    1. So my post wasn't in vain! Glad you got good computer news. There is a 50/50 chance that the diagnostic will either laugh at me or weep softly into its microprocessors.

  2. I saw the beta announcement go out on Twitter today, but was stuck at work the same as you. I did end up signing up for the beta this evening, but I really debated whether or not to bother. In the end, I figured better to regret doing it than not.