Friday, June 1, 2012

Random Shots: The Brain/Paper Barrier

  • Once upon a time, I wrote a book. I can't vouch for how good it is, but it exists. I'm proud of that fact. What I wasn't a huge fan of was the actual writing. I have no patience, for anything really. So now that I have two projects rattling around in my brain, I find that inertia is keeping me from bring them to life.

  • On one hand, I still have the short gamebook that I wrote a couple years ago. I got some great help playtesting it, but I never got to the hard part of editing the thing. Blue Kae recently suggested that it might be eligible for the Windhammer Prize. The funny thing is that the book was written specifically for that reason. Only I intended to submit it in 2011. Considering how close it is to completion, I would really like to try again here in 2012.

  • On the other, I've caught the game design bug again. I suspect that many gamers are amateur designers at heart. (Just look at any MMO blog.) So, I've been formulating a card driven, simplified Paradox style game set in the far future. Sort of a mix between Crusader Kings II and Fallen London, you might say. Sound interesting? It feels like a lot of work, but it also feels like it has potential. I'm putting it out there so that you can bug me about it in the future.

  • This post is mostly about letting me clear my head space. And maybe to post a few random links. I'll keep you informed of any successes or failures soon.

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  1. Good luck! Both project sound interesting, and I can totally sympathize with trying to decide what one thing of many to focus on. I have three different projects that I'm ping ponging between right now, although I think everything will go on hold soon when Kae Thing 2 arrives.

  2. The Game Design bug is a favorite of mine. It's the only bug I don't squash on sight. :)

  3. Back when I was a lad I did a lot of hobbyist PnP designs. It ranged the gamut from expansion materials for RPGs and boardgames I played to a full on genre neutral PnP system. I'd like to get back to that some time.

    In any case good luck, both those projects sound interesting. I also think you did yourself a disservice by not editing that gamebook and releasing it into the wild, I honestly thought it was pretty good :-)