Thursday, July 12, 2012

News Filter: EA Defiles Ultima Once Again

  • Found by way of Kotaku (I know, I know), EA and Bioware are releasing a new Ultima game. Named Ultima Forever: Quest For The Avatar, it seems to be some sort of free-to-play, um... Play 4 Free, action RPG. Just like the great Ultimas of the past.

  • Um, let's see what else there is. You can play as a fighter or mage. I particularly enjoy the description of the fighter as a one-man army. I always thought the army was made up of fighters, but what do I know.

  • There is this concept art of the classic gypsy. I can see it now: you go in to do the reading, but she only asks one question because there are only two classes.

  • Oooh, and they have the map. The map is good. It has the right look. I was always amused by how flexible the world was from game to game. So not much to complain about here. Actually, strike that, there is a thing. Why is the map designed to look like it has fold creases when everyone know Ultima maps were printed on cloth. Duh! (Sarcasm alert, in case I wasn't obvious enough.)

  • Okay, you've got me. Considering that we know very little about the game, it's hard to say if it will be good one way of the other. But knowing EA's track record, do you think the odds are in its favor?

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  1. I'm not optimistic. I hope EA surprises us (in a positive way), but...

    1. Keeping my fingers crossed. I signed up for the beta and everything just in case.

  2. Aha! So that's where you went!

    (Yeah, I'm slow.)

    1. No worries. I'm just glad you found your way here. :)