Thursday, January 24, 2013

Random Shots: Farewell To Scott Hartsman

  • How is it that I have to find out from Green Armadillo that Scott Hartsman is leaving Rift and Trion Worlds? "But Anjin," you say, "you could have found from Massively, just like GA did." Of course, but then I would have to be reading Massively and that's a deal breaker.

  • Scott Hartsman is a hell of a developer. He helped put Everquest II on the right path and he helped Rift become the best WoW-alike that we've seen. He's leaving some amazingly big shoes to fill at Trion, but I'm sure he's left the game in great shape.

  • Can't wait to see where he ends up next. And the rest of you have to make sure I don't miss big news like this again.

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  1. A possible workaround for your issue - I actually found out from all the people who retweeted the news and linked back to the original article. :P

    1. I'm obviously following the wrong people on Twitter. Hmm....

  2. You might have missed this one, but THQ is over. Just in case.