Saturday, April 6, 2013

Played Lately: Bioshock Infinite

  • I'm going to lead this post with a word of warning: don't try to play Bioshock Infinite while you're running a 101 degree fever. It is a very unpleasant experience.

  • I did not intend to buy Bioshock Infinite. I never intend to, but things happen. Things like great reviews. Things like getting caught up in the excitement. That's how I found myself preordering exactly one hour before it was scheduled to unlock on Steam.

  • The first moments are dark and mysterious, a perfect setup for the inevitable journey to Columbia. Infinite's city in the sky is a sight to behold when you first walk through its sunlit streets. The turn of the century architecture, music, and costuming made me feel like I had been taken to some early 20th century concept of utopia. There seems to be something to find in every corner, whether that's a new sight or conversation or some little collectibles.

  • Probably the best part of the game is Booker's interactions with Elizabeth. She comes across at first as a naive, sheltered young woman. But over the course of the game, she learns about the world outside of her cage very fast. Her attitude shifts as she learns more about Booker, herself, and the world she has grown up in. Those shifts are very effective at changing the tone of the story. Her voice actress, Courtnee Draper, brings such life to the character along with the animation and art.

  • But then there is the part where this is all a game. There are long corridors to travel down. Sometimes you can turn back. Sometimes you can look in side pockets. You need to if you want to find all of the trashcan and desks full of money and candy and audio logs.

  • But it's not just a game; it's a shooter. You might be playing the game to follow the story, but that story involves killing hundreds of dudes. There is a good story reason for Booker to be a crazy remorseless killer. But it gets so monotonous after awhile.I ended up playing the game on Easy because I didn't want to beat my head against the difficulty wall. Even then, I'm such a poor shooter player that I still found it challenging. I don't hold that against the game because I did like the combat. I just wish it was not quite so extensive, though.

  • I could nitpick a lot about the game, but the one thing I didn't have any trouble with was the story. I enjoyed the arc of the story and I liked the ending. And I understood the ending quite well. (I can't figure out why people have so many questions. They seem to lay it out quite plainly.)

  • I can't say that Bioshock Infinite will be my favorite game of the year. But I'm really glad that I experienced this world.

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