Tuesday, May 21, 2013

News Filter: A New Challenger Approaches - Xbox One

  • The live stream is over and now we know that the next Xbox, originally codenamed Durango, is now the Xbox One. And it sounds pretty much like what we expected. Within reason.

  • System specs look similar to the PlayStation 4. There was a lot of talk about services, again like the PlayStation 4. Though Microsoft has a very different focus. There were a few games, err, pre-rendered cutscenes, like the PlayStation 4. No mention of streaming, though.

  • I thought that after getting the specs on the two machines, I would be able to make up my mind as to which I would buy. Instead I'm as confused as ever. Looking at the two consoles side-by-side, it feels Sony made a console for me and Microsoft made one for my wife and daughter. Considering the fact that they use our 360 more than I do currently, I suspect the Xbox One will be the logical choice for the family. But the community capabilities (if they really exist) seem really interesting to me as a gamer.

  • Now we wait for E3, for any indication as to which console will be the one.

  • Damn, that turn of phrase is over now.

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