Thursday, September 5, 2013

Random Shots: An Illustration In MS Paint

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  1. While I agree that gamers are divided between the two monetization models, and that the number of people that are okay with both is definitely the minority, I think you're oversimplifying the issue drastically. First, I feel like there's a demographic shift among gamers where the younger generation expects free-to-play, probably because they have more time than money. Second, barrier to entry is a really important factor and eliminating that really helps expand a game's audience. Star Trek Online, for example, has become much more popular among Trek fans since going free than when it was subscription only.

    1. I agree. Considering I did zero research and the scale is likely way off, dramatic oversimplification is all I have to fall back on. Free-to-play may very well be the way of the future and a godsend for many games. But I still think the F2P is also exclusionary in its own way and I don't think people really comprehend that.

    2. It must be less so though than a pure subscription model, or companies wouldn't be flocking to it. They're the ones with actual statistics after all.

      Oddly I'm more bothered by the free mobile apps with tons of in-app-purchases. I would prefer love to see a hybrid model get applied there as well. It's not really any different, but my expectations aren't set the same for playing an Android game than they are when I'm sitting down at my PC.