Friday, May 29, 2015

Theme Parking: Disneyland Decades

  • For as long as I have been aware of Disneyland, I have been fascinated about the history of Walt Disney's Happiest Place On Earth. I've read books, magazines, and blogs about the park as it once was. With the arrival of Disneyland's sixtieth anniversary, it seems as though someone at Disneyland schemes to take advantage of my nostalgia.
  • The Disney Blog posted these images showing some of the merchandise based on the first decade art and as well as the designs for the other five decades by artist Jeff Granito. I'm impressed with the details and styles chosen for each decade. Each feels true to the time period depicted.
  • No, I'm never going to buy a commemorative plate or mug. Or a shirt or pin for that matter. But, a nice print would look really good above my desk.

  • Disneyland is going to take all of my money.

  • Theme Parking is a new category for posts related to my lifelong obsession with Disneyland.

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