Friday, August 7, 2015

Theme Parking: Was Someone At Disney A Tolkien Fan?

  • Werner Weiss's only statement about it is:
    The back cover has a fun logo for “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

  • Fun logo, sure, but look at the type face. Does it seem familiar to you?

  • By 1966, The Lord of the Rings was a certifiable phenomenon, pervading the culture and counterculture. I cannot imagine that an artist working for Disney was not aware of the books. The calligraphy style isn't unique to the trilogy, but the coincidence is too much for me to handle.

  • I know this is a stretch, but come on. Come on.

  • Yes, I'm posting this in the middle of the night because I know just how dumb it is. I would have posted my thoughts directly at Yesterland, but that article is eight years old and the comment section is long closed. So blame Werner.

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