Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Read Lately: Bound By Iron by Edward Bolme

  • This is going to be short and sweet, mostly because I don't have a lot of nice to say about the book. I really don't want to bash the thing or the author who took the time to write it. That would just be rude. This post is just to serve as a warning.

  • Speaking of warnings, here you go: don't buy Bound By Iron by Edward Bolme. Plain enough?

  • The sad thing is that this book is just about tailored to my tastes. A mystery set in a fantasy setting, it's in the same vein and the novel that I wrote (that languishes on my hard drive, all alone) so I should be interested in it. The problem is that the book is so artlessly written as to drag me out of the story time and again. Anytime I think "I could have written this better" is a failure on the part of the story. But I trudged on through to the end because I couldn't fail to finish a book again.

  • I don't mean to beat up on the author. I'm sure he's a fine guy, though his "my kids are cuter than yours" bit in the About The Author blurb is another strike against him. But this was not a good book and it reminds my why I generally don't read game-related fiction. You probably shouldn't either; it only encourages them.

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