Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Comic Roundup: Incognito #1

  • My big comic purchase for last week was Incognito, issue one. If that sounds wrong to you, that's because there is something wrong with the world.

  • Last month when I went into my Friendly Local Comic Shop, I asked if Incognito came in. And it had come in, only they all went right back out again. I was stunned by this. I know, I know, Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are awesome. Sleeper was awesome and Criminal continues to be awesome. But I normally don't have trouble finding them on the shelves. This was a problem for me.

  • It seems this was a problem for Marvel as well since they went back to press for a second round. It was this second printing that finally showed up at my comic store along with the second issue. "Second issue?" you ask. "But you typed '#1' in the title instead of '#1-2.'" You would be right. It seems like no one ever learns. So I have the first issue but not the second. I hope to pick that up when issue three comes out.

  • Issue one was good, if a little slow. It was beautiful, thanks to Sean Phillips and Val Staples. But for some reason the whole superpowered thing was a little offputting. It'll probably pick up in a issue or two so I'm not stopping now.

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