Friday, May 29, 2009

News Filter: The Matrix Online Goes Offline

  • By way of Warcry, we heard that The Matrix Online is shutting down its servers on July 31, 2009. I never had occasion to play the game since the Matrix franchise was dead to me after the sequel films were released. It's essentially the opposite of Star Wars Galaxies: a license I wanted to love, but a game I couldn't get into. Since I didn't ever play, you might want to check Tipa's post at West Karana for a little more insight.

  • I'm not posting to dog pile on another dead MMO. Instead, I want to commiserate with my online friend, Mesia (not his real name).

  • I met Mesia at the Ring of Blood in Nagrand. He played a gnome mage, I was a human paladin, and we both wanted to get through that quest chain. He is, to date, the sole remaining person I keep in contact with on the Alliance side of my World of Warcraft server. And whenever I ask what he's been up to since I last talked to him, he would tell me he's been playing The Matrix Online. For him, it was the game he always went back to when he had his fill of everything else. Much like Guild Wars is to me, MxO is his first MMO love. And now it's going away.

  • Games have shut down before and they will do so again. I wish everyone well and hope their gaming won't feel too empty after this world has vanished.

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