Friday, May 15, 2009

Played Lately: Free Realms

  • Pete over at Dragonchasers describes his time in Free Realms and the combat instances. His and his wife's experiences match my own so far: the combat does ramp up at the higher levels and you can't expect to spam your "1" key through every fight. I'd say more, but he does a great job all his own.

  • I haven't been spending as much time in Free Realms lately. Partly due to the standard business of my life. Partly I've tried to blog more regularly. Since the occasional person actually shows up now, I don't want to look like a slacker. Finally, I have been careful to not outrun the content. I don't know how much is in there. I keep finding quests everywhere I go. Even places I thought I'd cleared out before. And there are many instances I haven't seen. But I still worry about rushing. I love the game, but I don't want to overdo it.

  • I've been spending a lot of time running around, trying to clear my quest journal. As a member, I get to keep 30 quests at a time and it is perpetually full. There is so much to do! (Yes, the exclamation point was required.) It is currently full of quests leading me to Wugachug, an area I've been avoiding to stretch out the content. (See the prior bullet point.) I suspect I'll have 30 Wugachug quests soon and I'll be forced up there anyway. The game also gives you a quest line for each job, so I've got 14 of those to follow. And no, I can't just focus on one at a time. I know I'm weak. Finally, I picked up the quests leading to the Haunted Mines in Blackspore Swamp. Haunted Mines are broken right now, so those quests will sit for a while.

  • Rereading that, the last paragraph sounds like a whine, but it's not. I actually like having so many threads to follow. I regularly thumb through the journal to see where the greatest concentration of quests is and set off. And again, that is something I love about Free Realms. Very little is off limits because my level is too low. I can run from one end of the map to the other without fear of aggroing high level mobs. I'm a carebear, and I don't care.

  • Hmm. I might have to rethink that last sentence.


  1. The lack of free roaming mobs is still one of my favorite features. :D

  2. @ Creep - Absolutely a plus in this game. And I love that they still menace and threaten you when you walk by.