Tuesday, June 9, 2009

News Filter: DDO F2P OMG

  • First spotted by me over at Bio Break, Dungeons & Dragons Online is going Free 2 Play. All I can say is "Hallelujah!" Actually, give me a sec. I might be able to say more.

  • Many, many people have commented that $15 was way too much for a DDO subscription and I have to agree with them. Considering the growth of free to play options, it seems a natural fit for a game that never fit the standard MMO mold. Based on the pricing options, this reminds me a lot of Wizard 101 with all-access subscriptions and free to play with microtransactions to access gated content.

  • Here's the part where you ask, "Will this be enough to get you (that's me) to play?" Absolutely. I was never going to subscribe at the old price. Treating the lower levels as an open ended trial will be enough to give it a real try. I'm hoping a lot of people will feel the same and give it a chance. Otherwise, I'll be seeing just how soloable DDO is now.

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