Sunday, June 7, 2009

News Filter: Hints At The Future Of Free Realms

  • Free Realms, for everything they've done to let us know how popular the game is, did not get a lot of attention from the gaming press at this year's E3. If fact, the only news talking about the future of the game appeared over at Kotaku. (Thank you to Mike Fahey for the write up.) There is not a lot, since the developers seem tight lipped about their plans. But any little bit of news is better than the drought we've faced since launch. The four mentioned expansion plans are:

  • Soccer - As much as I'd love to see golf implemented, this seems like a natural fit for the audience. They definitely telegraphed this since you can already find soccer fields in Sacred Grove. Wondering how they'll be handled. Will they make the games solo and groupable? Can't wait to see.

  • New Jobs - We all knew they were coming. It's just a matter of which ones and when. With soccer being added, a soccer player job is a given. The most important information here is that they are not raising the level cap. Good for SOE. Hitting the level cap in one profession isn't the end of the game like it is in other MMOs, so raising the cap servers not great purpose.

  • Racing Progression - Since the game launched with these job essentially used as placeholders, I'm glad they acknowledged they have a lot more in store for them.

  • Player Housing - Finally, the indicated that player housing is a long term goal for Free Realms. The article hints that housing will be customizable beyond just adding furniture. I've never been a fan of housing since I'm a more achievement oriented player, but many, many people will be happy when this comes to the game.

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  1. I liked the first few hours of Free Realms but found my self getting bored rather quickly. But this is sparking my interest again.

  2. @ Ogrebears - I'm not devoting my life to it like I was at launch, but I'm still enjoying it in small bursts. I'm hoping they give us more details and some idea of a time table.