Sunday, November 22, 2009

Played Lately: Dragon Age: Origins

  • Warnings first, then we get to the good stuff. The good stuff being my humorous but illuminating bloginations. There be spoilers about Dragon Age ahead, though they're pretty weak ones. Turn away if you've never given serious thought to the title of the game.

  • Were it not for my stringent blog titling constraints, this post would be called "Anjin and the Art of Dragonslaying." I finally got to that point in the game where I'm ready to start hating it. If you remember my previous post about Dragon Age, you won't be surprised.

  • So far I've had the opportunity to take on two dragons and they have each been stupidly annoying fights. I've been playing on easy because I don't want to be frustrated by the game. These fights have tested the bounds of that. I understand wanting to make these key battles challenging, but.... If this was an MMO chat, I'd go with /sigh, /grown, /wrist. Something like that.

  • So if you want to slay dragons the Anjin way, try this:

    1. Everyone rush in.

    2. Stop the mage from rushing in.

    3. The rogue dies from one massive attack. Why is the dragon not attacking the warriors?

    4. First warrior dies while you're group healing. So much for all that armor.

    5. Concentrate on keeping the second warrior on his feet since there are fewer people to heal.

    6. Doesn't matter. Warrior is dead again.

    7. One on one between dragon and mage. Woo hoo!

    8. Heal self after every second hit. Hope you have a stack of lyrium potions.

    9. Wand dragon to death.

  • And that's how I've been playing Dragon Age. By the way, there is no kill shot for wanding a dragon to death. Even Bioware thinks that's lame.

  • P.S. If you haven't read Tipa's review of Dragon Age, you really should check it out. Best overview of the game I've read to date.

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  1. I tried your method. Got my ass kicked. 6 times.

    I hate you.

  2. @ Bronte - I make no guarantee as to the utility of The Method(TM). But for three easy installments of $19.99, I can instruct you in the advanced arts of dragonslaying. :)

  3. I'm still obsessing on Borderlands at the moment. However DAO is definitely on my radar.

  4. Your method sounds a lot like my method.

  5. @ Yeebo - Still haven't looked at Borderlands. Too many games to play. Maybe over the holidays. :)

    @ Jayedub - It does seem quite popular, doesn't it? Stupid dragons and their stupid ages.