Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Played Lately: World of Warcraft

  • I said in my prior post that I was looking forward to playing Lord of the Rings Online again. So, of course, I find myself resubscribed to World of Warcraft. If that sounds strange to you, imagine how I feel.

  • I'll keep this short: I have a hardware issue where certain games tax my video card in some way so that it essentially shuts the video down. It happened in Free Realms and The Sims 3. And it's started happening in LotRO. However since it doesn't happen in WoW and I'm looking for a fantasy MMO fix, my gaggle of blood elves welcomed me back with open arms. (And yes, gaggle is the proper term for a group of blood elves. I swear.)

  • I've only spent a little time in the game. Let me rephrase that. I've already spend several hours in the game, but only over the weekend and only with one character. I'm hoping to finally finish off all of the Icecrown quests in anticipation of patch 3.3. I'm slowly making progress and I'm trying very hard to ignore all the daily quests that distract me. There will be plenty of time to do that sort of thing later.

  • I got into a Heroic Trial of the Champions group yesterday. That ended up being pretty fun. The last time I was in the coliseum (on normal mode) was a much closer thing. Evidently the quality of player has gone up, the difficult of the instance was nerfed, or the proliferation of gear has trivialized it. Whatever the reason, I ended up with a sweet epic dagger that was better than my two-handed staff all by itself. Very strange. Cool, but very strange.

  • So, yeah. Playing World of Warcraft again. I don't know what's wrong with me.


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  2. lol, my comment weirded out. Basically I put no, but really really long.

  3. @ Jayedub - Yeah, it's a strange world we live in. Maybe some day. I liked your NNNNOOOOO....

  4. You know if you're having fun, then more power to you I say. I quit WoW back in May, but there have been many times I have entertained the thought of coming back because it is a good MMO.

    For me it's the end game and the lack of desire to min/max my character for pvp that keep me away.

  5. I have a real love hate relationship with WoW. I like that it runs so well on my crapass backup PC. I like the cohesive art style, and the animations in the game are amazingly fluid. I have yet to make it to level 80, so I have a fair bit of single player content left (almost all of WotLK). There's theoretically a lot there to draw me.

    However, every time I fire WoW up again, I'm bored out of my skull with it within a week. Solo content is generally far too easy, the crafting system is incredibly poorly designed, and the the game has some of the most jarringly incoherent lore imaginable. The latter and the substandard community that hangs out there really tends to bone my immersion. Finally, I can't stand the endgame. I hate running an instance more than 2-3x, I hate the PvP in WoW, and the dailies bore me to tears.

    Regardless, of all that, I generally fire up my account once or twice a year to check out new changes. And, as Jay said, if long as you are having fun more power to you :-)