Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Shots: Staring At The Box

  • As I type this post, I'm sitting here at work staring at my copy of Mass Effect 2. It's the Xbox 360 version since that's where I played the first game and I want to transfer my character.

  • I'm looking forward to guiding (shepherding?) my Commander Shepard through the galaxy on her new adventures. I can practically hear the synthesizers in the background. I didn't want to spare any time after work shopping so I ran to the local Best Buy at lunch. But now I'm waiting for the day to end. Time passes so slowing when you really want to game.

  • I probably won't post a lot about ME2 for a while. I want to really kick my Executive Gamer in the head sink into it without a lot of reflection. I have posts in the queue about other recent games like Borderlands and League of Legends. I have been enjoying them both, but they just have to wait until the Alliance is no longer at risk.

  • So if I end up not writing anything for a while, you already know. I'm either playing ME2 or I'm desperately wishing that I was playing ME2.

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  1. Can't wait to get your first thoughts about ME2. I for one am loving it thus far.

  2. @ Jayedub - So far, so great. I so want to spoil this game for everyone.