Sunday, February 14, 2010

Played Lately: Star Trek Online

  • I first want to thank Blue Kae for hooking me up with a trial code for Star Trek Online. I got a beta invite, but I never bothered to try the game out. Now that it's launched, a ten day trial is just what I need to see what everyone is talking about. So after trying out the game, I can say that I appreciate him saving me from wasting fifty dollars.

  • Why is everyone so excited about this game? Is it the Star Trekiness of it all? Is the lack of chainmail and kobolds enough to make everyone happy? After trying the game out, I honestly don't get it.

  • It's not that I dislike the game. I feel completely indifferent about it. Any complaints I have (and I did try to type something) end up sounding mean. And I don't want to be mean about STO. I'm sure it's fine for what it is. I just don't care.

  • Unfortunately, I've already played the Star Trek game I always wanted. Only they accidentally named it Mass Effect. That's what I really want out of the Star Trek universe. STO, sadly, is not.

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  1. Glad I could save you some money. :)

    While I don't agree with you, I do understand your feelings. I'm enjoying both Mass Effect 2 and Star Trek Online at the moment, but they give me different things. For me, ME2 is about the story and the characters, the combat is incidental. In STO, it is the opposite. I'm enjoying unlocking new ships and visiting locales from the movies and shows. One thing I've always missed from the Trek shows is the action. It seems like we always show up after the battles happen. Now I get to see the first part. I'm really not certain that the character development you see in ME2 can translate to an MMO. Guess we'll see if SW:TOR accomplish it or not.

  2. The only interest I have in STO is with the space combat, cause that was fun during the beta. Maybe at some point I will give it another try.

  3. @ Blue Kae - I really do appreciate you let me try it out. It was a much better way to discover that it wasn't my cup of tea. I never did like Earl Grey. :)

    The reason I make the ME2 comparison is that Star Trek is all about the characters to me. The ships are nice (and I liked having my own ship in STO). MMOifying the universe sucked out the parts that I would want to see. Luckily they've left in the part that other people enjoy, so I hope it runs a long time.

    @ Jayedub - Space combat was interesting. But, I'm torn between a couple of conflicting feelings. On one hand, I bought Wing Commander on 5 1/4 inch disks. The broadsides and battleships version of space combat feels way too slow to me. On the other, I loved Sid Meier's Pirates. But the difference there is that combat felt punishing if you didn't play tactically. I haven't found that tactical depth . At least not yet. I still have a few days in my trial.

  4. Not a problem, I'm glad that the code got some use. :) I prefer green tea myself, btw.

    I do get the ME2 comparison, and I agree that in the shows/movies, Star Trek was all about the characters, TNG especially. My point is, I'm not sure that that kind of character focus works in MMO's or multiplayer games in general. Different medias, different strengths. Anyway, I think we're agreeing, just looking to get different things from the game.

    The only thin I'm thing missing is a greater focus on non-combat activities like diplomacy and first contact missions, but Cryptic has acknowledged those gaps and are planning to fill them (hopefully quickly).

    To your point about the depth of combat, space combat is pretty basic from levels 1-10 (Lt. Commander), limited bridge officers and abilities, limited ship capability. When you hit 11 and get promoted to Commander you get to pick a tier 2 ships and the game really starts to open up tactically. Of course that's not until several hours into the game.

  5. @ Blue Kae - I'm sure that's what my issue was with the space combat. Everyone has to learn how to kill boars before me can slay dragons. I probably wouldn't know what to do with a top tier ship if they handed one to me. :)