Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Shots: Turning In My MMO Pundit Card

  • Here's a question for you, my loyal minions: should I stop commenting on MMOs if I am no longer playing any of them? Is my opinion no longer valid if I'm not participating in the games I'm talking about?

  • I'm sure you've notice a lack of MMO content on the blog recently. Most of my ideas come from the games I'm playing so I don't have nearly as much to say. But that doesn't mean there is nothing I want to talk about. I just wonder if, somewhere down the line, I'll end up arguing a point that is no longer valid in the MMO space.

  • Honestly, that is not a huge worry for me. MMO design does evolve, but it doesn't evolve quickly. You only have to look at STO's starships filling trinity roles to see we have a long way to go. The real problem with MMO commentary is that there is only a finite range of topics to cover. Once you are over that, you're left with current events. Just look at the many, many, many posts about STO you find in the blogging community.

  • My MMO blogging is not going away. There is a long running tradition that I'm not leaving behind. I remember reading the initial rants from Lum the Mad and wishing that I could participate in those discussion. But until something interesting happens, ranting about the same old topics doesn't have the same luster.

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  1. Keep on keeping on. Blogging about not playing MMOs says something about the state of MMOs for you. Don't stop talking about them if you don't want to. I find things in other games that I like and then I think about how it could be incorporated into MMOs. It's all connected.

  2. I'll be stopping by whether you are blogging about MMOs, comic books, or the frozen food aisle at Costco.

    Besides that, very few general purpose MMO bloggers limit themselves strictly to whatever they are actively playing. I know I don't.

  3. I agree with the other two!

  4. Write what you want as often as you want. The magic of RSS.

    By the way, I enjoy your book articles and other stuff just as much.

  5. @ Ethic - Thanks for encouragement. I saw on KTR is laying low as well. I think the MMO funk is setting in all around.

    @ Yeebo - I blog about everything else. Why not frozen food? Hmmm....

    @ Jayedub - Me too! :)

  6. @ Blue Kae - And I've been slacking on my book reviews. I'd better get cracking!

  7. I've repeated myself on topics more than once. I usually find a way to make it relevant to the current events, like I've used Allods Online to talk *again* about grouping, PvP, class-based design and the trinity. Sometimes, explaining things in a different way helps get the point across when it wouldn't have before.

    That said, I *do* get tired of repeating myself, and at some point, I'm sure I look like a grumpy old crackpot. It's about time for me to take a break, too, and maybe *play* some more games (single player offline), rather than bloviate about what I wish MMOs were, and may never be.


    Write if you want to. If there's something interesting being said, we'll read it. ;)