Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Shots: I Don't Understand Why People Do This

  • I did not get enough sleep last night, so I want to blame this on how tired I am. But I know that I wasn't the only one to see this, so I did not dream it.

  • I went out to lunch today. I overslept so I didn't have time to pack anything. Thankfully the building where I work shares a parking lot with several restauants. I didn't know where I would end up (I usually wait until I see which place has the shortest line) but everything is in the same direction anyway.

  • As I exited the building, I saw some guy going the same direction about fifty feet ahead. Usually I don't pay attention to anyone else since I'm usually listening to a podcast and keeping to myself. But this guy was jumping up and down. Constantly. The entire time we were walking, he was leaping around like a crazy man. Sometimes he would leap from side to side, sometimes backward. But mostly he had just decided he was going to jump all the way to lunch.

  • We both ended up at the same place (Chipotle). Since he was still ahead of me, he was in line first. But the entire time he was in line, he kept jumping in place. When it came his turn to order, instead of walking around the low wall that everyone else was waiting behind, this guy decides that he wants to leap it. So he's there jumping at the wall over and over again. Only, he can't make it so he's moving back and forth along this wall, jumping at it from different angles, as if he can find the one low point that will allow him to clear it instead of walking around like a sane person.

  • Everyone in the restaurant stared at him like he was crazy. I suspect that was the point of the exercise. This guy desperately wanted attention, no matter how stupid he looked. The unsettling thing is that, by the time I got my order and left, two other guys thought this was a good idea and joined in. So now there are three people jumping around this Chipotle, getting in everyone's way and drawing attention to themselves.

  • Is there something I'm missing here? Can someone explain to me what I missing about jumping everywhere?

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  1. WoW player in withdrawal, would be my guess.

  2. Before I let this go on too long, I want to point out that this is a satire. THIS DID NOT REALLY HAPPEN!

  3. One more reason to play Guild Wars instead of WoW.

  4. Lol! Can't believe I missed this one. That drives me crazy too. Why do people do that?

    On a similar note, I was standing in line at Chipotle the other day, and one guys starts going "Choo! Choo!" Over and over again. Pretty half the folks in line had joined in, the noise was deafening.

    Then I went to the bank. I had trouble getting in through the front door because there were so many folks parked across the lawn and sidewalk in tricked out harlies and SUVs. They weren't even there to use the bank, they were all just sitting in the diver's seats and talking on their cell phones.