Friday, April 22, 2011

News Filter: Champions Online SotG Is Amazing

  • Once again, right around the time I'm wondering what Champions Online is up to, Cryptic reads my mind and unloads the news. Yesterday, producer Rob Overmeyer posted the State of the Game for April. Please excuse any errors with this post. It's hard to type with all of the drool. I'm really excited with the direction the game is going, so I may need a towel to mop up the mess.

  • Let's start with the stuff we already knew about:

    • The next Adventure Pack, Resistance, will be hitting the PTS this week. I have really enjoyed the challenge posed by the prior two APs, so I'm looking forward to this one. I'll probably avoid testing, just because I want to experience it first on Arcfire. But I really do want to play this.

    • They also just patched in the Heavy Weapons power set and archetype. Considering how much fun the powers are in this game, more can only be better. Since this is only the second new framework added since Celestrial, it is doubly exciting. Time to roll another alt.

    • It sounds like the Comic Series, CO's version of STO's Feature Episodes, are coming along well. Rob says that they will be doing five or six issues per series and that they are working on issue three now. I'm looking forward to the end of May to partake in the same appointment gaming that my starship captain friends have been enjoying.

  • And now, the stuff I didn't know about:

    • I will, nay, I must own the new costume sets. Okay, not the Harajuku set which actually is okay. But I'm in love with the Golden Age and Pulp Comics costumes. If CO ever gets a mission creator like STO's Foundary, I am so doing a time traveling series.

    • Although the new costumes are a great addition, the most shocking news is the addition of Hideouts to the game. There is very little detail other than the four initial options (Mom’s Basement, Cave, Arcane, and Moonbase), each of which you can own simultaneously, and that various amenities will be available. We'll learn more as we get closer to the July update, but I'm hoping there will at least be some sort of customization options. Even if there is not, it will be a nice touch of personalization for the game.

  • With more news like this, it is great to see how committed Cryptic is to Champions. I'm glad they keep giving me reasons to come back to the game.

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  1. I couldn't agree more about the Golden Age and Pulp sets, at least based on the concept art. So many ideas for new heroes from those pictures.

  2. Have to admit, it all sounds pretty good.

  3. FtP must be working out well for them, it sounds like the pace of development has shifted into high gear.

  4. @ Blue Kae - That is what I love about a new costume set. They give us so many ideas for new characters.

    @ Jayedub - I know I'm impressed.

    And it's free-to-play, folks. No excuses!

    @ Yeebo - I guess so. Any worries I had about the game have cleared out after seeing everything they are working on.