Wednesday, April 6, 2011

News Filter: Trion Desperately Wants Yeebo To Play Rift

  • Check out what I got in the mail today.
    RIFT is holding a special Allies of the Ascended event. As my chosen ally, you can use this code to join me during the dates below, free of charge! Heed my call, and together we shall battle the Blood Storm!

    Event Dates
    10am PDT April 8, 2011 through 10am PDT April 11, 2011

    Ally Code

    Visit instructions on how to apply your Ally Code and to download the RIFT patcher.

  • If you missed last weekend (or if last weekend didn't push you to subscribe), here is your second chance.


  1. Wow, great. I'll be using that tonight :-)

  2. Ah man, I am trying really hard to not get into Rift. Good thing is I work for the next ten days straight then I'm in the country of Texas for about a week so no time to play if I bought it. Must keep telling myself that...