Saturday, October 29, 2011

Admin: Wrecking The Curve

  • I was up late Wednesday night/Thursday morning, trying to soothe an unhappy baby. As I was feeding her, I noticed a new post by Tobold. A post wherein he linked back to my post discussing different reactions to Mists of Pandaria. My first thought was "Tobold actually reads my blog?" My second was "I wonder if anyone will follow that link."

  • Thank goodness that I don't pay for bandwidth or I would be in big trouble with my wife now.

  • It is always amazing to me when one of the top tier blogs like Tobold's MMORPG Blog, Player Versus Developer, or Kill Ten Rats links back to me. If there is any doubt about that Tobold is a major blogger, you just have to look at the spike on that graph. I'm sure that I received those hits because I found myself in the middle of the ongoing Tobold/Syncaine feud. Heck, Syncaine even commented on my post (which I appreciate. Thanks!)

  • Things have come back down to normal now. And I'll try to keep it here with more comic book and fake RPG campaign posts. But it was nice to have my moment in the blogging spotlight.

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  1. Have good blog, will travel. :D

  2. Congrats on the attention both at Tobold's and KTR, well deserved! Blogosphere says: "Yeah, well put Anjin."

  3. You never know what post is going to strike a nerve.