Thursday, October 20, 2011

News Filter: SWTOR Press NDA Is Up, Nothing To See Here

  • Bioware has finally lifted the Press NDA for Star Wars: The Old Republic and opinions are flooding the internet. Instead of linking all of the various articles, I'll point you toward Syp's list at Bio Break where he's done a good round up.

  • Unsurprisingly, I am not participating in the beta. I didn't sign up because I never do. (An exception will be made for Guild Wars 2 if the opportunity arises.) But if I ended up with an invite, I would have given the game a try. Although I've avoided the hype like the plague, I actually want to read about the beta. I'm much more interested in the opinions of people actually playing the game. If anything would sway me to try it out, this is what I need to hear.

  • So far, the take away is that the story is good, but the gameplay is more Kill Ten Rats. I don't mind a good KTR is there is a good story behind it, so I'm curious about how well these balance out.

  • There is still the Star Wars barrier that I can't get over. I watched the laserdisc version of the original movie the other day (i.e. the version that doesn't even have the Episode IV label on it) and was reminded that, once upon a time, I was a fan of the series. Maybe SWTOR will rekindle that love, but the hurricane that was the prequels did a lot to extinguish any feelings I had for the franchise.

  • I suppose we will see what happens this December.

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  1. There were some really cool takes, but I had to stop reading after a while. 1. It was overkill and 2. It was getting harder and harder for me to sit there and not comment on anything, on both things I agree and disagree with because we're still under a gag order. I am also curious now as to how long the press were given with testing, because so much of what I read today were impressions of the very early game, not unlike opinions we've already gotten from past hands-on demos. Makes sense, I guess, according to one of the articles I read, while the press NDA is up, I think they were told that they were still only allowed to reveal certain things.

    Anyway, I know your feelings about hype, but I hope you'll still read my impressions once the NDA drops for us testers...if ever...sigh :P I'd be honored! :D

  2. @ MMOGC - Absolutely! I'm looking forward to your thoughts on the beta most of all.

    I believe the Press NDA lift only allowed them to talk about the point up until they receive their ship, when I expect the game opens up. But limited impressions are better than none, especially since this is the first content everyone sees when they first log in. However, we all know that first impressions of an MMO don't tell the whole story. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed they they let the reins up a little more on the NDA before too long.

  3. @Anjin - Yeah just I found the article I was thinking of again, it was at Like you said, nothing past the first ship, so that means about level 15 or so and nothing beyond Coruscant.

  4. I can't agree more about the way the prequels tarnished my love for Star Wars. I'm not sure any game will be able to completely repair that damage, but hopefully SWTOR does as much as Force Unleashed 1 and KotOR did.