Thursday, January 5, 2012

Played Lately: Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • It is hard for me to admit this, so please be kind. I have been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. And I like it.

  • Sure, the game plays fine and it loooks nice. But what really brought me in is the story. I rolled a Human Smuggler on the Krayt Dragon server where my brother and his Rift guild play. He looks like some hippie straight out of the '60s: too skinny, long hair, and too much facial hair. But what I've discovered over the last few days is that, while he talks about getting paid a lot, he will always do the right thing when it comes down to it. The dialogue choices feel like smoke and mirrors, with every path leading to the same place. But what I do get out of the equation is a character, which is not something I'm used to in an MMO.

  • Not that I've been playing it as an MMO. I made a comment on Twitter that if I turned off the nameplates, it would feel like a single player game. When Rowen from I Have Touched The Sky replied that he had already done so, I didn't look back. If I'm going to play it like a single player RPG, I might as well go all the way.

  • Lest I give the impression that the game is only okay, I have to say that throwing grenades is deeply satisfying. I earned the Thermal Charge skill at around level four or five, and it is my new favorite thing. I throw grenades on cooldown whenever I get the chance.

  • So as much as I tried to avoid it, Bioware sucked me in, at least for thirty days. Days when I should be wrapping up Saints Row: The Third. Nights when I should be catching up on my sleep, but instead spend my time trying to get my ship back.

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  1. Grenades are so amazing! I played a little PvP as the Imperial Agent (Sith smuggler expy), and those thermal grenades... forget sniping, I just ran around hurling them.

    That said, I'm really partial to the scoundrels "shotgun to the back for massive damage".

  2. Sooooo you've been playing SWTOR!

    I think it's okay to be cautious and reluctant, I think you'll expect less and be more likely to be pleasantly surprised that way. It was like that with Rift for me.

  3. You know they say the first step is admitting your problem.... I kid!

    I thought the same things, by the way, about the 60's and 70's hairstyles (not to mention facial hair) and I wonder if that's not intentional given when Episode 4 was originally released.

  4. @ wemustdissent - You surprised me! I didn't even know about your new blog. Picking my advance class was the most difficult decision. Ended up going Scoundrel so that I can help, but I'm not a fan of the rogue-link trees.

    @ MMOGC - I've been caught!

    @ Blue Kae - That aspect of the character design has been pleasantly surprising.