Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Unexplored Worlds: The Dagger Of Sacrifice

  • The dagger is a long, dual edged blade of blackened steel forged by a Reki blacksmith. The crossguard is a simple oval struck from the same metal. The hilt is ash wood wrapped in sweat soaked leather. The weapon feels lighter than other similar blade, but this is due to the nature of the metal instead of any enchantment.

  • The Dagger of Sacrifice earned its name, and gained its special properties, because of the auspicious circumstances where it first drew blood. The dagger was first owned by a Reki trade official named Kavius. A hard working individual with a stressful goverment appointment, he had little time for his family. Upon returning home early one evening, he discovered his wife, Puliunous, in the arms of another. Kavius was so overcome with grief that he drew the dagger and plunged it into his own abdomen.

  • As he waited to die, kneeling on the ground before his spouse, a well of anger bobbled up within him. Finally, he was so enraged that he withdrew the dagger from his stomach, stood, and slew his horrified wife and her paramour. The screams drew the attention of others who, coming to investigate, were killed as well. The city watch was eventually called. Kavius killed several of them as well before he eventually die from blood loss from his self inflicted wound. The dagger was taken up by one of the surviving guards, Tacoatian, who discovered the abilities of the dagger in his own way.

  • The wielder of the dagger can use it to stab themselves. If this occurs, roll for damage as normal. For as long as the blade is wet with blood and the wound stays open, the dagger inflicts additional damage to any enemies equal to the amount of damage that was self inflicted. Any medical or magical treatment of the wound cancels this bonus. Wiping the blade clean or letting the blood dry will also cancel the damage bonus.

  • Unexplored Worlds is my attempt to design an RPG campaign in the open. Since I have not rolled a d20 in anger in many years, this is my way to keep playing without actually playing. All posts are written to be system-agnostic, so please use whatever keeps your interest in your own games. Just let me know how it goes!

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  1. Very interesting, if painful, idea for a magic item.

  2. Cool idea for a post series. Looking forward to see where this will go.