Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Random Shots: Nitpicking Guild Wars 2

  • As much as one enjoys any game (and oh dear, do I love Guild Wars 2), there will always be something you can find that is not quite right. No, I'm not talking about account hacking, overflow servers, and the like. I'm talking about the little things. And these are little, so don't take this as some massive critique of the game. It's just that, should someone at ArenaNet look at this post and decide to fix a few of these, I wouldn't mind at all.

  • Adjustable UI - Currently I'm playing a ranger. (And only a ranger. I want to hold off on alts for as long as possible.) One of the major class features of the ranger is your pet companion. That's cool and all, but the pet bar is completely borked. The icons are stacked on top of one another, so I can't really control it properly. It looks like they are crammed into too small of a space. So I, the intrepid go-getter that I am, looked through the options to find out how to adjust the UI. Only I can't find one. Maybe I'm overlooking it, but I don't think so. Considering how flexible the modification was in Guild Wars, I'm quite surprised that didn't carry over.

  • Crafting from collection - I really love crafting. I love that I can deposit crafting material into the collection from anywhere in the world. I love that I can access my bank and collection from any crafting station. What I don't love is that I have to manually extract items from your collection to your inventory for use with crafting. It's a minor thing, but is the perfect quality of life improvement I would love to see.

  • Underwater preparedness - It wasn't immediate, but it did not take too long for me to find myself underwater, using completely unfamiliar skills. And with a completely inadequate weapon. GW2 doesn't really remind you that you need to be upgrading your aquatic weapons alongside your regular weapons lest you fall woefully behind once you hit the water. An extra hint might be helpful.

  • Gem prices are too high - What else can I say. Gem prices are higher than I would ever pay. ArenaNet does the thing where it costs one dollar to buy 80 gems just like Microsoft. But then they take it a step further and charge everything based on a hundreds and quarters thereof. It's a great way to obscure how much things really cost. (Everything on Xbox is in multiples of eighty, so the math there is still easy.) But anyone with a calculator can see that prices are too high. I'm hoping that ANet follows SOE's lead and Gem discounts. Since the digital deluxe in available for gems, I don't really see that happening. But until that time, I don't have any extra money to through at what is, in all honesty, a deserving game.

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  1. Of those, the underwater preparedness seems the most odd. I had no idea that you needed a separate set of underwater gear in GW2 (no-one else I'm following has mentioned it). In any case, if that's the sum total of your complaints it sounds like a smooth launch.

  2. While they are definitely nits, I've noticed the same ones as well. Says quite a bit about how welldone the game was though. I'm BlueKae.8970 in the game if you want to find me.

  3. I'm reminded to upgrade my underwater weapon every time one drops for me, which is often enough, even if its not for my profession. Now the aqua breather on the other hand... those are hard to find and upgrade. And the stats on them do help, so go find one. like the karma merchant on stormbluff isle.

    As for gems.

    So far I've bought 1200 gems. With in game gold. 25 silver will get you around 100 gems. Don't buy them with cash, spend the silver.