Thursday, September 6, 2012

Random Shots: Two Items, Unrelated

  • Players rally to save City of Heroes - Ardwulf has been doing a yeoman's work today, linking and discussing the efforts by players of City of Heroes to save their game. I certainly applaud their efforts, but I won't have more to say unless they are successful.

  • Amazon announces next round of Kindles - The Verge has a huge round up of the Kindle announcements. I'm glad that Amazon isn't giving up the fight. I enjoy my Kindle Fire and use it just about every day. But unless the app situation improves, I don't see much of a reason to upgrade.


  1. I understand the motivation and I hope it works, but I'm highly doubtful NCSoft will reverse their decision given their history in the MMO space.

  2. Preordered my Paperwhite. I love my Kindle Fire, but it does all I need it to do now (read and stream Prime movies with it at home using wifi) and unless it breaks down I won't be upgrading. On the other hand, I am in desperate need of an e-ink reader since I no longer have my third gen Kindle. I miss the quality and the crispness of the display, which really can't be beat.