Wednesday, November 21, 2012

News Filter: The Resurrection Of TSR?

  • Found by way of James Maliszewski of Grognardia, there was the recent discovery of a company calling itself TSR Games. Even more interesting, the first product of the new company will be Gygax Magazine. Tim Kask, one of the primaries on the magazine, tells us that it will be a quarterly that covers both old and new games, and has a plethora of great talent contributing to the first issue.

  • I signed up to be notified with the first issue is ready. I like the idea of high quality quarterlies. I did subscribe to the defunct WoW Magazine for this very reason. Kill Screen seems to be doing this very thing for video games to great acclaim. So I'm willing to see what they put out.

  • And there is a little part of me that is happy there is a TSR again. Let's hope that they live up to the name.

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  1. Our recent research shows that you might be interested in this kickstarter project :)