Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Top Five: PS4 2013 E3 Announcements

  • I'm running late because of Giant Bomb's equipment theft, but here are the five announcements that caught my attention at Sony's press conference Monday.

  • The Order: 1886 - It isn't much, but the trailer caught my attention. I hope there is more to see on the show floor.

  • The Dark Sorcerer - I've never played a Quantic Dream game, but I do know they make some pretty cool tech demos. I know this will come to nothing, and David Cage will poop out some overwrought story next time. But from time to time we can enjoy something strange like this.

  • Transistor and the Indie Community - If you asked me when I knew I would be buying a PS4, it would be when Greg Kasavin walked on stage and announced that Transistor would lead on Sony's console. Seeing the other indie games announced just cemented my resolve. Even if Sony had gone in lock step with Microsoft's high price and draconian limitations, this was enough to win me over. Thankfully, mercifully, there was more.

  • Own Your Own Games - Having Jack Tretton take such deliberate shots at Microsoft was a thing to behold. He took their platform apart point by point. When it was done, there was no doubt the PS4 was the Gamer's console. I was skeptical, but I have been won over.

  • $400! - Then to cap it all off, the price. Four hundred dollars is still a lot of money, but it's just expensive. Not the Xbox One's crazy expensive. When I heard this, I turned to my wife and said, "I guess we're getting a PlayStation 4."

  • There is no other way to say it: Sony has won this console generation before it even started. I have to give them five points for their audacity. We will see how Nintendo stacks up next. What do you think? Have you made up your mind about next gen consoles?

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