Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Random Shots: My Predictions for Season 2 of My Dress-Up Darling

  • SPOILER WARNING! This post is for a very small subset of people who have both watched the first season of My Dress-Up Darling as well as (somehow, mysteriously) caught up with the current chapters of the manga, Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru (referred to as such because none of this is officially available in English yet). Which means I'm pretty much just writing this for me and several people who will never find this post anyway. Enjoy!

  • With the end of the first season of My Dress-Up Darling, we look ahead to what I'm sure everyone hopes will be a Season 2. Considering how closely the anime hewed to the manga, it's a safe bet that they will do the same with a new season. The first season covered Chapters 1 through 39. With the manga up to Chapter 74, let's break down how the next season could look.

  • These first three episodes seem pretty straightforward.
    • Episode 1 - Chapters 40 through 43 - The first episode will likely cover Amane's introduction to the series. He is one of my favorite new characters and I'm excited to see him show up. Though I suspect they will have to compress the chapters a little to fit it all in one episode.

    • Episode 2 - Chapters 44 through 46 - The next episode would then cover Bunny Suit Arisa. It's a tight three chapter arc that would be perfect for the next episode.

    • Episode 3 - Chapters 47 through 49 - Then we get to Halloween, another three chapter arc that fits perfectly with how season one was plotted.

  • Here is where it gets a little harder to guess. The School Festival runs for thirteen chapters. In addition, Chapter 50 kind of stands alone, so you could push it into the end of episode 3. If not, you have fourteen chapters to deal with. I can't see forcing the arc into three episodes or stretching to five, though the pros could figure it out. Considering how important this arc is to opening Gojo and Kitagawa's passion for cosplay to their classmates, it deserves quite a lot of time. If I was doing it, the Rei episodes would be:
    • Episode 4 - Chapters 50 through 53 - Rei (part I) would start with Shizuku's birthday party precredits, then cover the choice of festival entries, Gojo's introduction to Council Host, and the reassurance that he needs to dedicate himself to making the costume.

    • Episode 5 - Chapters 54 through 56 - Rei (part II) would cover making the costume, the wig, and trying to make Kitagawa look like a man.

    • Episode 6 - Chapters 57 through 59 - Rei (part III) would cover costume try on (watch out for fan service!), manliness lessons, and making the rainbow rose.

    • Episode 7 - Chapters 60 through 63 - Rei (part IV) finishes with the makeup demonstration, the festival itself, and the karaoke party.

  • This next one is a gimme, no matter how the Rei arc is paced.
    • Episode 8 - Chapters 64 through 67 - This episode covers the "Marin got Fat" chapter as well as trying out her new camera. Poor Kitagawa. The girl doesn't deserve to be body shamed, but it's unfortunately something real teens have to deal with.

  • And now, my confidence in the exercise comes completely off the rails since there are just not enough chapters to fill out the season.
    • Episode 9 - Chapters 68 through 71 - This episode will introduce Akira and lead into the afterparty. If I were breaking this season for real, I'd absolutely want to end an episode on Juju picking up the phone.

    • Episode 10 - Chapters 72 through 74? - Here we have the ending of the afterparty with Akira's declaration about Marin and leading into the sleepover, because...

    • Episode 11 & 12 - Chapters 75? through ?? - ... because now we've run out of chapters.

  • By my count, that leaves the creator, Shinichi Fukuda, very little room to tie up the sleepover and the Coffin event or whatever else they want to do. Maybe I'm wrong and the studio will speedrun the School Festival or maybe cut something. Or maybe the show will get a 13 episode order and enough room for everything to breathe. All I can say is that I'm glad I can armchair theorize the breakdown because I would be sweating if I was in their shoes.

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