Sunday, March 4, 2007

Admin: My First Hiatus

  • Only a couple posts in and I've already taken my first hiatus from the blog. There's got to be some sort of award for that, right?

  • Not that it was my fault, per se. I didn't want to hiate at that particular moment. It's just that my computer died and it was a very trying time. Not that I should make excuses. I could have found another computer to post from. But a man doesn't cheat on his computer, not while there is still hope she'll recover. Of course when she died, I immediately forgot about the old hag and upgraded to the newer, sexier model. Thus, I post. Everyone rejoice while my new computer and I get acquainted.

  • I wonder what my wife will think of this post? Maybe Hiatus Part Two will start sooner than I'd like.

  • In the meantime, why haven't I heard about this until now? I do love me some Talisman.


  1. I am visiting you via your lovely wife's blog. She said you had a great sense of humour - I agree. She also said she hadn't a clue what you talking about (ie. gaming) - me neither but I'll pass the link onto my siblings who I understand are into the gaming thing!!


  2. Thanks for stopping by. As long as I can keep one person entertained, my life will be fulfilled. Two would be better, though. And three, I can even imagine the bliss of three! I may faint just considering the notion.