Tuesday, March 6, 2007

News Filter: Rumors of Guild Wars 2

  • Okay, now I'm confused. Excited, but confused.

  • You see, there is this site that is not the most highly regarded when it comes to gaming news. But you throw enough rumors at the wall and eventually one of them is going to say, "I'll talk, just stop throwing me at the wall!" Then, of course, comes the non-denial denial to fan the flames. What am I to think? Will there really be a Guild Wars 2?

  • Honestly, I've been pretty straightforward about my decent disillusionment with Guild Wars. Over the course of three chapters, I think enough errors have crept into the system that just can't be fixed. And enough limitations have shown up that creative coding just can't get around. If Arena.net takes the opportunity to give Guild Wars a fresh start, I'll be right behind them.

  • Unless it's subscription-based, which as I discussed before, is an abomination that cannot be borne.

  • As far as the potential for a fourth chapter for Guild Wars, I am in for the long haul with the game. I can't let my Kira sit bored for too long.

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