Thursday, March 8, 2007

Read Lately: Fallen Angel - To Rule In Hell

  • I first became aware of Fallen Angel the same way I hear about most good comic books: I read about it being cancelled. There is nothing like the lamentations of a loyal, if tiny, fanbase to draw my attention.

  • I've done my share of lamenting: Firefly, Wonderfalls, etc.. In spite of what most people say, there is not a big audience for good entertainment. What everyone wants is comfort. Don't be clever, don't challenge them, and for goodness sake don't make them think. Just make them happy. Okay, I'll turn down the bitter faucet.

  • To Rule In Hell is the second volume of the IDW series of Fallen Angel, itself the follow up to the cancelled DC Comics series. If that sounds like an odd jumping on point, I will admit to reading the first DC trade and the first few IDW issues. Here we get to see Lee, the titular fallen angel, in her first adventure upon arriving on earth (I think). Then as the story comes back to the present, we see how those actions still resonate today. The volume raps up with a more conventional story wherein Lee travels with a virtoso singer to Tibet so he can be cured of his fatal illness.

  • While Fallen Angel may not be the most amazing comic being published, it is one that deserves a much wider recognition than it gets. It easily stands up with anything Brian K. Vaughan and Bill Willingham is writing. Heck, I've already asked the local bearded comic guy to order me the first volume. I can't wait.


  1. And now Studio 60 is gone. Hrmphf.

  2. Like you had to remind me! Argh!

  3. I've read so much about how "Fallen Angel" has been cancelled, reissued, and then returning for a few issues that I've lost track. I enjoyed the series, the background story with Bete Noire and Lee. You're right - it's not the GREATEST comic series ever, but it deserves a wider readership.

    But is it cancelled? There's supposed to be a Volume 3 coming out from DC later this year, yes?

    This is where fans need to vote with their cash. BUY the comics that you love. It's the sales that make the publishers take note. Afterall, it's the strong DVD sales for "Firefly" that gave us the movie.

  4. The link you pointed out there is to the heretofore unknown by me third volume from IDW, where Fallen Angel is now being published. DC just came around and published a second volume of the original series in January. If you haven't looked at the IDW series, you should take a look.