Thursday, November 15, 2007

By Request: Bullet Points, a definition

  • Looking over the web stats, I've been dismayed to discover that people aren't coming to my blog for my scintillating wit or insightful views on video games and comic books. Evidently, most people are trying to figure out what a bullet point is. Not the audience I was seeking, but I feel that I must serve this accidental constituency just the same.

  • See that little dot of to the left? That's a bullet point.

  • The snarky part of me really wants to leave it there. And yet I'm oddly compelled to continue.

  • I don't use bullet points the way they're supposed to be used. Normally a bullet point is used to identify a single idea, thought, or concept in a few, concise words. Primarily this is because bullet points are supplementing another method of information transmission and the bullet point serves as a focus and as recall device.

  • Concise, I am not. Like I said in my first blog post, I just like having a device that allows me to throw a jumble of thoughts together while the appearance of continuity and adhesion between them. Not that I take advantage of that fact, but there you go.


  1. Hi. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who came to figure out what a bullet point is. Thank you for a great definition of bullet points though. :-)

  2. I knew it!!!

    Anyway I wasn't so sure how it came out when I finished writing it, so I'm glad you found it useful. Be sure to visit the rest of the site. :)