Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Played Lately: World of Warcraft

  • As in all things, there are high and then there are lows. Just because World of Warcraft is a video game (and thus, fun!) does not mean that it is excluded from this truism. In fact since they are such highly social games, MMOs are subject even more intensely this roller coaster. Since my last post, I've been facing those highs and lows square in the face.

  • On the high side, I finally completed my Master's Key, and thus can enter Karazhan. That is, of course, if I can get into a Kara raid group. That does not seem to be as easy as I hoped. Within days of receiving my Kara key, my guild disintegrated, leaving only the casual and pre-raid contingient behind. All the raiders fled to a new guild.

  • I also finished my Frozen Shadoweave set, decked in out in rare gems, and the best enchants I can get. Of course, now there is nothing to kill with my new goodies since I've run out of solo player quests. The most recent patch added a single new daily quest that randomly rotates the objectives, but one new quest does not a play experience make.

  • Finally, I have been playing on my alt. But not really that much. Sure there is new content to see with the revamp of Dustwallow Marsh and nerfing of pre-60 group quests that I never did before. However I'm finding it difficult to play another character that is going to face this casual player ceiling.

  • Here's a little proposal to Blizzard for opening things up for us casually: allow access to the Ogri'la and Netherwing quests to soloers. There is no reason a solo player should be forced to group up just to experience more solo content.

  • In the mean time, I'll be playing Mass Effect, maybe twice. Maybe I'll get back into Phantasy Star Universe. Maybe I'll give that Lord of the Rings game a second try. I've heard the new patches are pretty good.

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