Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Comic Roundup: April 2, 2008

  • Another slight week at the comic shop. But any week I can find something new to read is a little holiday.

  • Anna Mercury issue 1: Warren Ellis's new series from Avatar is out and once again his brain is spewing the crazy all over. It seems like a straight forward sci-fi actioner until you get to the last page that explains what is really going on. It's a little like the big reveal in The Matrix. Sometimes this goes well and sometimes it feels like you wasted an issue for the sake of set up. I can't give a verdict on that for another couple issues, so I'll be buying into Ellis's madness for at least a little while longer.

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight issue 13: More good stuff from Drew Goddard and Georges Jeanty. As part two of a four issue story, there is a decidedly middle-of-the-story feel here. However the great bits between Xander, Renee, and Dracula really standout, if in a vaguely disturbing way. All good and funny and I'm looking forward to more.


  1. I just quit WoW and went back to Gw, this after a year and a half of WoW and a yea befor that of GW.

  2. GW was my first MMO love, and I'll always have a fond place in my heart for it. But WoW still has me in its clutches until the new shiny comes along to steal me away.

    If that new shiny is GW2, all the better.