Monday, April 21, 2008

Played Lately: World of Warcraft

  • I'm splitting this post in two, because it's already way too long. Look for more World of Warcraft blogging (imagine that!) in a day or two. On with the news.

  • I joined my guild, Chaotic, for our guild-first kill of Nalorakk, the bear boss of Zul'Aman. We wiped six times trying to take him down and had to reclear trash once in the middle of that. In spite of all that, the seventh try saw us take him down pretty handily. A lot of things have to go just right to get through that fight, so it won't be an easy feat to repeat. But it was a great moment to revel in. It's not often you get to enjoy real raid progression. If only we could have taken down a second boss that night.

  • This is the place where I would normally say that I'm looking forward to future raid progression. Only it turns out that the guild blew up over the weekend and was disbanded. It turns out the guild leader thought the guild had hit a brick wall on progression and that the best thing to do was to set everyone free. At least that's the happy face on what happened. I got whispers from both factions of the fight immediately upon logging in Sunday. The former guild leader told me I was a shoe in to be invited to the raiding guild he just joined. I was also quickly invited to join a guild by my two good friends in their unfortunately named guild "Show Us Your Crits." /sigh. I went with my friends because that is the real reason I play the game, but the whole business has soured me on playing my mage.

  • On the Alliance side, my shadow priest finally won the Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Extravaganza after four weeks of trying. I was literally shaking in my chair in anticipation as I counted up toward 40 Tastyfish. A quick hearth to Booty Bay and a frantic run to the finish line later and I was announced the winner, with my brand new Arcanite Fishing Pole in hand. It is pretty silly how worked up I can get over a video games, especially a weak simulation of fishing. But the competitiveness and need to excel hit me in weird places. I may not be good at much, but by goodness, I can win an online fishing tournament.

  • I've also been playing my paladin a lot more. It feels a little strange since I'd pretty much given up on the poor girl for newer, flashier characters. But Mesia, my friend from the days when I was exclusively Alliance, convinced me to join his guild and so we could hang out more. I'm on a two week trial with The Venerated and not entirely sure it's a good idea. But with all the guild drama for my mage, this might just be the in-game home I need.


  1. HEY!!! My freind and I also play World FO warcraft!!! What server is you horde on? We are also horde! Check out my blog, or, wow chars are Mazzaroth 33 tauren Druid and Malthazar 19 undead Rogue twink

  2. I also have a comic book collection, my favorite is a 1964 Daredevil where he gets captured by Dr. Doom. Have you ever read Legend of The Drizzt or Usagi Yojimbo>?